Teen Social – Field Day May 6, 2016


teen social


Our Field Day & Ice Cream Social was a great success! Each of our families suggested a physical challenge and a mental challenge for the field day/obstacle course. The kids broke into two teams, and  competed for bragging rights (until the next time). Afterwards, we went indoors for ice cream, then changed into swim wear and hit the pool!

Here are some of the activities we did:


Mental Challenges:

  • Stroop Test
  • A Truth and A Lie
  • Improv Challenge: Question game (you are asked a question and must answer in the form of a question or you’re out)

Physical Challenges:

  • LARP game – Last One Standing
  • water relay with sponges and 2 liter bottles
  • yoga challenge

We ended up with 10 games, but didn’t get to do all of them!






Teen Social – Pool Party – April 1, 2016

For whatever reason, our crazy kids decided that a Pool Party in April was a great idea! Despite the coolness of the water, they still had a great time. The girls (wisely) had already gone in by the time we remembered to get a picture, but the boys were good sports about it and posed accordingly 😉

Our teens have a social get together on the first Friday of each month – if you’re homeschooling a teen and would like to join us, check us out on Facebook for more info.


March Teen Social – March 4, 2016


We called this one ‘Mix Tape & Chill’. Each kiddo sent a list of 5 songs to our fantastic organizers, which were put into a playlist on YouTube to play during the event. All the kids were given a paper with the songs, and tried to match the song to the person who picked it. The person with the most correct matches won a GameStop gift card. Everyone brought games and snacks, and they spent a pretty low-key afternoon socializing.

The theme for the day was ‘games people play’, and they spent the afternoon doing just that, from video games, to ‘lines and blobs‘, to the pantyhose bowling game, and wrapping up with LARP style sword-fighting, which ended up paving the way to planning a LARP-based homeschool PE discussion in our group’s discussion list for later this month.

If you have a homeschooled tween or teen, and would like to join us, contact us on Facebook!

February 2016 Teen Social – Scavenger Hunt

scavenger-hunt-birthday-partyEach month, our group hosts a ‘teen social’ to give our tweens and teens the opportunity to socialize. February, we organized a scavenger hunt at our local mall.

We had 15 kids at this event, split into two teams – Team J, and Team V. They had an hour and a half to complete a list with 29 ‘Things to Collect’; 32 scenes to ‘Take a Picture’ of; 15 things to “record a Video’, and 8 ‘Mall Trivia’ questions. They could score extra points for some items, and for finishing all of the items in one section, and finishing first, while bad behaviour and failing to rendezvous back with the group would deduct points from your overall score.






When time was up, everyone picked up pizza and went back to one of our family’s homes to watch the videos and look at the pictures. Here are a few of our favorites: