TH Art Guild – Landscape Art – February 17, 2016


At this meeting of the TH Art Guild we were focusing on the work of a contemporary sculptor and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy. His site-specific, environmental and land art has contributed greatly to the emergence of a new movement in the world of art, which utilizes the natural environment, both large and small, as a medium of creation.

Another important element of his work, and one that we also experimented with (as you can see in the gallery below) is the use of photography in the documentation of ephemeral works of art. Because such creations can’t be transported and won’t withstand the ravages of the natural environment, our photographs were the final, documentary step in the artistic process.

Unfortunately, Andy Goldsworthy isn’t in our text, Discovering Great Artists, but you can learn more about him and his art here.

No supplies were needed for this project (other than a cell phone camera), as we gathered our materials from the environment. If you’d like to try something like this, a knife might be useful (though it definitely isn’t a requirement), and we would actually discourage bringing any materials with you or attempting to formulate any preconceived plans for your creation. One of the foundations of site-specific, land art is the artist’s ability to connect with the specific environment, become inspired by it, and utilize the unique materials it offers.