Teen Social – January 2016

This month was pretty low-key. Since the holidays were so busy, we decided to just chillax at home. The kids met for some gaming and socialization, and had lots of snacks on hand to keep them from starving!

Next month, we have a Scavenger Hunt planned. If your homeschooling a tween or teen, and would like to join us, check us out on Facebook!







Public Speaking – December 2015

unnamed This month’s public speaking assembly was great! There’s always a bit of a dip in participation during the holidays, but a few of our students still had their noses to the grindstone even with Christmas cheer in the air.

One of the cool things about out public speaking assembly is the range of materials that the students choose to present. From personal pieces, to historical reports, literary selections and poetry, over the course of this year’s classes, we’ve covered a huge range of subject matter.

We host our public speaking assembly every 6 weeks, and it’s open to students of all ages. If you’re interested in joining us, check us out on Facebook!


Homeschool Teen Book Club – Nov/Dec 2015

teen book clubEach month during the school year, our local library system hosts a homeschool book club. It’s broken into two days, with three different age-groups. Since my boys are older, we participate in the ‘teen’ book club, which includes kids from 12 and up. The great thing about our library system (and our librarian, Ms. Robin) is the flexibility. Not only are younger siblings welcome, they’re encouraged to be part of the group.

The format of the club is great. Rather than a traditional, single monthly selection, Ms. Robin chooses several books, one from each of several different categories, including historical, best seller, award winner, classic, etc. The kids are also allowed to choose any book from the College Board Recommended Reading List… but if that fails, any book your student has read can be adapted for discussion.

The kids have a list of questions to consider regarding their book, and to make recommendations to the other students for that book, or others that they’ve read. It’s great listening to the observations and thoughts the students have about the books they’re reading.





One of the selections for December’s discussion was ‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie Ten Boom. It’s about a girl who, among other things,  survived a Nazi concentration camp. One of the moms in our group is a descendant of a survivor, and brought a rock from the Dachau Concentration Camp that’s been in their family since 1965.


Fall 2011 – Back to School

You may think that homeschoolers are excluded from the back to school excitement that the end of August brings. With the many options that homeschoolers have with regard to scheduling, some homeschoolers follow the traditional school calendar, others have school all year round. But even with these options, homeschoolers are not immune to the excitement of ‘back to school’ season.

Triangle Homeschoolers starts off the beginning of each new school year with our ‘Not Back to School Brunch Bash’ at Roger’s Park. Today was our second such annual event, and with 10 moms and 17 kids turning out to celebrate, you could definitely say that parents and students alike are glad that school’s back in session.

As a group, we operate on a more traditional schedule. Though some of our families school year-round, it works out better for the group to be ‘in session’ September through May and take the summer months off. So, much like other students, ours are excited to get back into the routine of seeing their old friends and making new ones through our group’s events and activities. We parents are happy to have each other as well, both online and in person!

Like many groups, we evaluate the previous year’s success and make changes that we feel will strengthen the group overall for the coming year. This year, we’re planning for Tuesday to be ‘Field Trip Day’ each week. Rather than have things scheduled on different days each week, we thought it might be easier if every week had a similar schedule. Having an event on Tuesday allows you to plan your calendar months in advance if you choose without worrying about missing out on something fun.

After some discussion, we’ve decided not to renew our co-op.  Our age ranges are too spread out, and our materials and homeschooling styles are too varied to make co-op successful. Instead, we’ll incorporate a stand-alone academic element to our Tuesday events, usually science or history related, so that we are continuing to respect the diversity in homeschooling of our group’s members.

With all of our changes, we are really excited about getting this year started! If you’re new to homeschooling, or to the area, we’d love to meet you. If you’re interested in meeting up with us, email Heather at wearyourbaby@yahoo.com to get the details of our next event.


CurrClick’s Lego Club

CurrClick’s Lego Club is almost here! Sign up today!

From CurrClick’s website:

“Welcome to the CurrClick Live Online Lego Club!

Do you have a Lego enthusiast who could spend hours and hours every day engrossed with creative building?  Do you have so many Legos in your house that you never know when you’ll suck up one with your vacuum cleaner? Do you sometimes get down the floor with your clever builders and create something of your own?

Well this club is for you and your family! The educational benefits of Legos are known far and wide and now you’ll have access to a safe, online environment for your kids to make new friends, use their imaginations, and work through challenges. Did I mention this club is 100% free!

Club Specifics:

  • Meetings will take place every other week and will alternate between Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Meetings will last 45 minutes and will always take place at 1:00pm central standard time.
  • Meetings will be run by volunteers and CurrClick parents. Lessons will be taught by our main moderator and teacher Roni Bergerson of Eastern Wind Academy.
  • Each month will have a theme, a lesson plan, show and tell, and challenge activities. To give more members a chance to attend, each month’s meetings will be identical. For example, the meeting on Wed. 1/12 will be identical to the meeting on Mon. 1/24.
  • During each meeting, children will have the opportunity to hold a 3 minute show and tell of something that they have built. This could be a unique creation or a purchased set. Presentations could be shared live via webcam or via a photo Powerpoint presentation. Due to the fact that we will only have a few openings per class, if your child in interested in doing a show and tell, you must notify Roni or Amy at least a week in advance.
  • A few days before each meeting, registrants will receive an Adobe Connect meeting room link and a list of needed supplies.

Upcoming Schedule:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 – 1:00 CST (theme #1)
Monday, January 24, 2011 – 1:00 CST (theme #1)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 – 1:00 CST (theme #2)
Monday, February 21, 2011 – 1:00 CST (theme #2)

Theme #1:

The theme for January is going to be Happy New Year!  We’re going to build 2011 signs, strategically designed to fall over.  It will be up to the kids to brainstorm ideas about how to stabilize the structure at the base so that it remains upright.  Kids will also explore and build different shapes – judging them on ease of building, stability and application.  The older kids will think about what shapes are used in the real world (i.e. triangles in truss bridges).

*Lego is a trademark of the LEGO Group”

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Being the mom of a rabid Legomaniac, I can say that we’ve been anxiously awaiting this announcement since we first learned about it on Facebook a month ago. If your kids are like mine, then check out this amazing Lego Unit Study and Lapbook to hold you over until January.