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th logoTriangle Homeschoolers is a homeschooling support group for parents in the Golden Triangle area of Southeast Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange) and surrounding areas who are, or are interested in, homeschooling/unschooling their children.

Triangle Homeschoolers has 3 individual affiliate groups that serve our community:

– TH Secular Chat is the main forum for our group. When you join TH, this is the ‘landing pad’, where you make first contact with our community. This group is open to parents who either are, or are considering homeschooling their kids, and gives new homeschoolers access to experienced homeschoolers for questions and support. We host Park Day once a month, which you’ll need to attend if you’re interested in joining our activity group.
TH Secular Homeschooling Chat Facebook Group

– TH Meet Up is our active, weekly field trip group. We meet on Wednesdays (usually; occasionally the event may be on another day of the week) for a field trip. Most trips are education-oriented and aligned with a lesson plan, however sometimes we schedule purely social events. We also host several ‘clubs’ that your family can participate in, and special events throughout the year (like Science Fair, Talent Show, etc.). We require that members of this group maintain a minimum attendance of one event per month, but hope that you’ll participate weekly. We try to keep our trips free or cheap (TH functions as a ‘school’, which generally allows us to access events at an educational discounted rate. Higher attendance means cheaper rates). We usually plan for a gathering of about 4 hours, including lunch together (picnic style). TH Meet Up Facebook Group

-THINK Co-op is our weekly cooperative learning class. We currently are hosting an Elementary School Co-op and a High School Co-op. Members of this group work together as a group in a ‘school’ type environment for classroom-style learning with a homeschool flair. This is not a drop-off group; all parents whose children are in co-op either teach or assist in teaching. A truly cooperative environment; we all participate!

Our community hosts families of all types, make-ups, lifestyles, religious beliefs and backgrounds. Our motto is ‘This is the place where people are excellent to each other’, and we deeply value the diversity that our group offers. Though we respect spiritual/religious/philosophical beliefs of all kinds and discussions on them, religious proselytizing is strictly prohibited. All Triangle Homeschoolers groups and affiliates are secularly oriented (meaning ‘not religious’) and inclusive – open to all families in the area who are currently or are interested in educating their children outside of the public school system.

If you’re interested in joining our group, whether it’s just for support and discussion, or if you’d like to join us for events, click the link above and join the TH Secular Chat group. You can find info for the next Park Day under the ‘events’ tab. Please also check out our FAQ page for more details about our group and how it’s run. Many of the questions that we gets asked are already answered there. If your question isn’t listed, please feel free to contact us. Please keep in mind that Triangle Homeschoolers is completely run by volunteers. We’re continually in need of assistance in event planning, resource checking and keeping our group members up to date. If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer, please contact us using the form below:

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