Planting Centennial Forest – Community Service – Feb. 25, 2016

CAM03312 (1)

We spent our morning in the Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas-Big Sandy/Centennial Forest (or what will be!) with our homeschool group. Our group of 19 kids and adults, plus 8 Park Rangers and a few other volunteers spent the morning putting 800 longleaf pine saplings in the ground. Afterwards, we went on a half-mile hike through an older part of Centennial Forest where they were experimenting with different techniques for clearing some of the underbrush to promote the growth and return of the longleaf as the predominant species of pine in this area.

The Big Thicket is celebrating 100 years through the Centennial Initiative, which encourages the public to take an active role in visiting and preserving the forests in our area. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact the Big Thicket Visitor’s Center to find out how you can help. The next public planting day will be Saturday, March 12, but there are groups that go out each week. If you’d like to join us next time we go as a group, join us on Facebook!


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