Teen Homeschool Book Club – February 10, 2016

book club teen


Every month during the school year, the Beaumont Public Library hosts a homeschool book club. The club is divided into three sections on two days, based on age/grade. The Children’s Book Club is usually on the second Friday of the month, and the Teen Book Club is on the second Wednesday. Each month for the teens, Librarian Robin Smith chooses a selection of books for the students to choose between. Her selections represent several categories, including contemporary fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, humor, and classics. They’re also allowed to choose a book from the College Recommended Reading list.

At the discussion, the kids have a list of questions that are generic and applicable to any book, dealing with the setting, plot, thematic elements, conflict and personal opinions. Sometimes after, sometimes before, we team up and play a game to break the ice. Mind Trap was this month’s game, but we’ve played Apples of Apples, Mad Gab and others as well.

Since we’re so close to Valentine’s Day, one of the moms brought cupcakes and toppings, and had the kids decorate their cupcakes to represent something from the books they read.


For more info on the book clubs, please contact Robin Smith, children’s librarian at the Beaumont Public Library.


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