February 2016 Teen Social – Scavenger Hunt

scavenger-hunt-birthday-partyEach month, our group hosts a ‘teen social’ to give our tweens and teens the opportunity to socialize. February, we organized a scavenger hunt at our local mall.

We had 15 kids at this event, split into two teams – Team J, and Team V. They had an hour and a half to complete a list with 29 ‘Things to Collect’; 32 scenes to ‘Take a Picture’ of; 15 things to “record a Video’, and 8 ‘Mall Trivia’ questions. They could score extra points for some items, and for finishing all of the items in one section, and finishing first, while bad behaviour and failing to rendezvous back with the group would deduct points from your overall score.






When time was up, everyone picked up pizza and went back to one of our family’s homes to watch the videos and look at the pictures. Here are a few of our favorites:



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