Public Speaking Assembly – August 2015

maxresdefaultEarlier this year, we started hosting a monthly public speaking assembly. This isn’t a ‘class’, per se, but an opportunity for the students to practice their public speaking and presentation skills, as well as an opportunity for both students and teachers to give feedback. Each month, our host posts a new tip for improving your speech. Each tip has a specific ‘thing’ that the student can work on – like fidgeting, eye-contact, and other skills that good public speakers use to connect and engage their audience.

The students have presented a wide variety of speeches, and many have presented original material. We’ve heard passages in books, poetry, recitation of famous speeches, and reading school reports on everything from birds to haunted houses and ghost ships. It’s been great seeing what the kids have come up with to present.


Though the original target age of the class was for middle and high school students, some of our speakers have been elementary-aged students, and some of our moms have even gotten in on the practice, which has been great to illustrate that it’s never too soon (or too late) to hone your public speaking skills!

We will continue to host monthly public speaking events throughout the 2015-2016 school year.



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