Museum of the Gulf Coast – January 2015

Jan 2015This past week, we took a trip out to Port Arthur to visit the Museum of the Gulf Coast. If you haven’t been out there, we highly recommend it! The MotGC is a wealth of art, historical information, persons of interest, local talent and memorabilia that’s connected with Southeast Texas both past and present.

I didn’t get a picture, but the entire wall when you enter the museum is a mural timeline that shows ancient history through Spindletop. The displays (including hands-on stuff for kids) follow the timeline displayed in the mural, from animals and people that used to live in this area, to battles fought here and the beginnings of industry in Southeast Texas.

Upstairs is an incredible display of carved ivory, several cases full of shells and other sea-fossils, a gallery full of glass and gems, and three galleries for talent – music, sports and art. The kids had a great time doing a ‘scavenger hunt’ and we even found ‘Major Tom’!



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