Winter Craft Day 2014

10565004_855078867867552_1274285936734237366_nThis week, we gathered for some winter-crafting fun!

We whipped up a batch of salt dough (1c. flour; 1c. salt & 1/2c. water) and had the littles join us for rolling it out flat for cutting. The kids chose their favorite shaped cookie-cutters to press into the dough to make ornaments. We had quite the selection of teensy baby footprints, stars, candy-canes, trees and other shapes, then we popped them into the oven to speed drying. Once firm, we took the kids and the crafting to the outside deck and gave the kids free reign to embellish their creations with paint, glitter and googly eyes.

We also made ‘handprint snowmen family’ ornaments from both plastic and glass balls. The little (and not-so-little) handprints made each ornament a keepsake to remember.

Thanks to the awesome hands-on moms who helped get everyone set up, and to the lovely family who opened their home to us, and we’ll see you next week for our Christmas party!




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