Homeschool Book Clubs



We joined some of the other homeschooling families in our area for Ms. Robin’s yearly homeschool book club meeting. We had 6 of our families there, and one that we met that day (always making new friends!). If you’re local to Southeast Texas, and would like to get involved, there are three groups, and two dates to meet. If you have children under 11, the meeting is on the 1st Friday of the month at RC Miller library, starting at 2PM.

HSBK_little kids

If you have children ages 12+, the meeting is on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Theodore Johns library at 2PM. The teen book club has a list of books that the children can choose from (one or more books), and the discussion will be more generic for the group.

If you’d like a book list for either group, please contact the Beaumont Children’s Librarian, the amazing Ms. Robin Smith.

HSBK_big kids bookclub_img1



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