CMH Homeschool Day – Fall 2014

This week, we went on a road trip to Houston to visit the Children’s Museum. It’s been a while since we’ve been over there, and I have to say that the memory doesn’t do it justice! CMH is a truly awesome facility! From indoor to outdoor, the climbing structure that runs through the center of the building, the classes, the labs and experiments – and the pinnacle of pretend playtime: KidTropolis; this is the most fun that you can have under one roof.

It was really fun watching the boys work through the various centers in the ‘city’. Two of our kids worked in tandem to run the restaurant, serving moms and dads (and other kids) all kinds of pretend foods. There was even an emergency trip to the ‘grocery store’ across the way for some more supplies!

The little kids had plenty to do as well, from arts and crafts downstairs, to the water feature outside, and nature center to explore, there isn’t a dull moment when you’re at the Children’s Museum of Houston.



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