Post-Burn Hike – Big Thicket

Recently, we had the opportunity to hike the Sundew Trail at Big Thicket after a prescribed burn. If you;re not familiar with that term, a prescribed burn is the deliberate use of fire to help manage a forest. Our purpose in touring the trail at this time was to start a Burn Diary – a journal that tracks the growth of the forest over the course of the coming year. We’ll tour again in a few months when the forest starts to grow again.

In the mean time, it was really cool to see the scorch marks high up on the tree trunks, and to be able to see through the forest along the ground. Down here in the deep Piney Woods of SETX, the undergrowth in our forests prevents visibility – you can barely even walk through untamed forest,  much less see!

The kids also completed their Jr. Ranger certification, and got their badges – great job, Rangers!

Check back with us to see our progress as we track the growth!


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