Lake Charles Children’s Museum

Field 1

This week, we drove out to Lake Charles to visit The Children’s Museum. This was the first time that we’d been there, and it was really an adventure! When we first walked in, the museum appeared to be a single story, and while the area had several nifty things to see and explore (a water table, miniature ‘store’ and ‘restaurant’, shrimp boat, crabbing pier, climbing wall and fire station), we were a little disappointed that there wasn’t more to do.

And then, we realized that there was a staircase (and elevator) at the back… that went up three stories! The second floor was where the real fun was. Not only was there a main gallery with tons of cool things to play with (a giant mouth and toothbrush, a centrifugal force thingy, a ‘car wash’ of pool noodles to run through and more), but there was also a massive electric train set, complete with multiple tracks and a town scene, and several rooms off to the sides of the gallery. We played in the TV news room, had fun in the bubble room, and were rock stars in the karaoke studio.

Then we headed up to the third floor where the kids found a gigantic maze, a flash wall, and the best place of all – a quiet reading nook with a spectacular view.


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