Science Fair 2012

Triangle Homeschoolers hosted our second annual Science Fair on Tuesday March 27, 2012 at Village Creek State Park’s lovely pavilion by the creek. This was the first themed fair; we originally planned on having a student category and a parent category, but that kind of fell through a bit.

This was also the first fair that we invited guest judges to officiate. Amanda Adair from Village Creek State Park was instrumental in facilitating our use of the pavilion and arranging for additional judges, MaryKay Manning from Big Thicket National Preserve, and Brittney Teakell from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. We appreciate their willingness to assist us this year.

The students did such a great job on their projects! We had a smaller turn out than planned, but that gave the judges plenty of time to spend really examining the projects that were there. They were able to spend enough time to really read the information presented in each display, and discuss the projects with each other.

We used a rubric for scoring. The judges considered such things as the clarity of the problem being addressed, the student’s preliminary research, the hypothesis, how clearly the materials and experiential procedure were explained, how the results were obtained and how many times the experiment was run, what conclusions were drawn and how well the hypothesis was addressed and the visual appeal of the project display.

After the judges finished their deliberations, they went over the results with the students and offered feedback. We really appreciate the time they took to come out and help with our Science Fair!

In third place, and winner of ‘Judge’s Choice’ is Mikey, with ‘Electromagnet’.

In second place, was PeaGreen, with ‘Solar Desalinator’

And in first place was LittleBoyBlue, with ‘Fingerprint Patterns’.

Congratulations to our winners!





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