Art Museum & Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate that, and encourage the kids to take a look at women in art, we met at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas for a guided tour of some of the pieces on display that were created by women.

As always, the knowledgeable staff were amazingly informative about the exhibitions in the main galleries. Currently, the works of Houston artist, Robert Pruitt are on display, along with sculptor Meredith Jack and Taylor Randolph Perry – all men, but stunning examples of local art!

When we officially started our tour, Miss Sandi was there to guide the children through the current exhibits. We lingered for quite some time on Mary McCleary’s I Fled Him Down the Nights and Down the Days. This is one of my favorite pieces at the Art Museum; we always linger on it for some time when we visit.

Sandi showed the kids a display of high school senior art, and asked them interesting questions about what their favorite pieces were, what they’d eliminate and different techniques that the artists used to create their works. We looked at art from after Hurricane Ike, a piece that redefined ‘art’ in that it was the concept that was unique, and art featuring a resist technique.

After the tour, the kids got to make their own art – a hands-on collage piece using different types of paper, string, and pens, crayons, and pencil. Collage can be a long process, so they didn’t finish their crafts, but got a pretty good start!

If you’re looking for more info on Women’s History Month, check out I found an awesome lesson plan that incorporates both Art and Women’s History at Women in World History. Their lesson 9:  ‘Assessing Women’s Past Through Art Interpretation’ features ten pictures depicted in various settings and styles. The assignment includes a discussion about where and when the art might be from, and what we can learn about women’s roles in that culture through art. The entire curriculum section of Women in World History is awesome – check them out!

If you’re doing a lapbook or unit study, please share your links and projects!

Until next week,




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