Snow White at Beaumont Civic Ballet

We started this week off with a bang as we joined the Beaumont Civic Ballet for the school performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. We had a total of 10 members of our group at the performance, though we didn’t all get to sit together this time. I think it’s funny how the kids react to being in a group vs. being with ‘just mom’. My boys, generally pretty attentive at live performances, were quite riveted by the dancers on stage without their friends to distract them.

As always, the auditorium full of noisy school children leaves something to be desired, particularly the annoying habit of large groups of children to scream when the house lights go down. But, aside from that, the performance was enjoyable. We were expecting to see Peter and the Wolf as well, but since this was a school performance, the time constraints only allowed for Snow White.

My particular favorite were the two dancers who portrayed the Queen. The Queen was regal and horribly beautiful, while the old hag was scary and funny in her struggles with the bird to get the apple back to Snow White. A lesson in stage acting was easily touched on – how the dancers use exaggerated movements and simple gestures to convey conversations. It was interesting how each movement needs to be coordinated and used most effectively – too fast or slow and the ‘words’ are lost. The Queen was particularly adept at making exaggerated conversational movements look smooth and graceful and watching her really helped the kids understand that.  We’ve been attending performances like this for some time; it’s really neat to see them growing up and appreciating them more as they get older.

Some pictures (admittedly not that great – we were in the balcony!!) from the ballet:

If you’re interested in resources to go along with this outing, you might like these:

Until next time…



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