President’s Fitness Challenge 2012

The President’s Challenge is a 6-week physical activity and nutrition awareness program designed to help students and parents step up their physical activity and make healthy eating choices.

We’ve been looking at this program for a while and have finally gotten on board. We have created a group account and added several of our members as ‘instructors’ and will be using the next 6 weeks to record daily fitness and nutrition, set goals and track progress. If you’re a parent in our group, check your email for sign-in information. If you’re a parent in our group who has not been added to the program, please let us know on the Facebook Group and we’ll add you.

Today, we met at Tugboat Island in Port Neches to do an initial assessment of our students. The kids participated in push-ups, pull-ups, flexed-arm hang, curl-ups and the shuttle run. We used a timer to record their best times/number of repetitions, and sent everyone home with the printable activity log to record their progress at home for the next 6 weeks. We also have a participation certificate for the students who choose to take part in this challenge and begin their initial assessment. At the end of 6 weeks, having focused on activity and nutrition goals daily, we’ll met again to do an assessment, then send in the kids’ progress to qualify for the Presidential or National Fitness Award.

There is an Educator’s Booklet that fully explains the program, and how to work with your child over the next 6 weeks to improve activity levels and nutrition awareness. You can order one through the mail, or download it.

If you’re interested in participating with us, please contact us to become a member of our group. If not, you can always sign up as an individual! Parents need not be left out; there’s an Adult Fitness Challenge that goes along with this program. For more information, check out

(We did get a group picture, but it’s not on my camera. We’ll update this with a picture when we get it.)

Be well!



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