Valentine’s Day Party & February Lesson Planning

This week, we got together to let the kids exchange valentines with each other. Well, that was the guise – the real reason is because our kids get crazy when they don’t see each other for a few days! The fact that we have so many kitchen divas in our group, who always bring tons of yummy food to potluck play-dates, doesn’t hurt either. Speaking of, if you’d like to comment with your recipe, please share!

To be fair, the kids did exchange valentines. Many of them even got crafty and made lovely, decorated mailboxes. My own children were certainly serving it up in high style with paper bags with their name on it that I grabbed as we rushed out the door! Unfortunately, we were all pretty busy chit-chatting and I don’t think anyone snagged a picture this time. But after the first 15 minutes, the kids took off outside to play and were pretty much soaked and covered in mud from that point on, so maybe that’s not a bad thing. They had an amazing time though (many thanks to our fair hostess for handing out plastic trash bags for the kids to sit on for the ride home)!

If you’re interested in Valentine’s themes or other February themes (Black History Month, President’s Day) for your lessons this month, check out:

Valentine’s Day (Feb 14)

We also have the latest version of our newsletter up with some creative ideas for science study and fun in the kitchen.
President’s Day (Feb 15)

While the kids were playing, the moms sat down and planned out the next few months of events. One of the things that we’re doing very soon is our group Science Fair. We’re getting everyone involved this year! The Moms are competing with the Kids! We’re also planning to visit the San Jacinto Monument, visit Gladys City and take in a movie as a group.

If you haven’t yet, check our home page for the calendar. As always, we don’t release the specific details of events to the public, but if you’re interested in joining us, please contact us.

Have a great weekend!





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