REAL Science Odyssey Lab

One of the neat things about homeschooling is the infinite variety of styles, methods and materials that different families use. In our group, we have some families who are new to homeschooling, and some who are veterans. We have unschoolers and self-described ‘eclectic classical’ style homeschoolers, and some who are still de-schooling. We have some who follow a boxed curriculum and some who make up their own. All of that adds up to a broad pool of information and experience to bounce ideas off of.

This week, we did just that. Inevitably with homeschool get-togethers, the parents’ conversation will drift into ‘What are you using for…?’ territory. Different kids need different things, and as a parent, being able to lay hands on and breathe in the goodness of what different books have to offer is both fun and informative! One of our lovely homeschooling mothers is using REAL Science Odyssey for her kids, and so she offered to set up a lab using one of the lessons from that guide. The kids thought it was great fun – using magnifying glasses and their senses to explore a cell; in this case, a chicken egg.

Afterwards, they took the egg shells out to feed the worms in the worm bin.

Many thanks to all of our families who made it out this week! To continue the spirit of sharing, feel free to comment with your favorite curriculum and guides.

If you missed out this week, we host an outing every Tuesday. If you’re interested in joining us, contact Heather at



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