Houston Zoo

With the lovely cool front making its way through Southeast Texas over the weekend, we couldn’t have planned this week’s field trip for a better date. The Houston Zoo offers free admission on the first Tuesday of the month after 2PM, so we try to go at least once each year as a group. The Museum of Natural Science (right across the street from the zoo) also has free admission to the main gallery on Tuesdays after 2PM and usually we try to go over there as well, but we just had such an awesome day at the zoo that we stayed later than usual.

With everyone’s differing plans for the morning, we all met up at 2PM just inside the main gates. We had 7 moms, 1 dad and 16 kids on the premises, with everyone scattering to see their favorite features and re-grouping at various points throughout the day. Most of us met back up in the Children’s Zoo to let the kids run off some energy while we parents took a breather. Even with the nicer weather, it was still pretty warm at times and the rest was much appreciated!

We didn’t get a group picture this time, but several of our moms got great individual shots of the kids. The picture shown in at the entrance to the primate enclosure. This is the first time in the last four visits to the zoo that we’ve managed to make it inside the primate section!

If you missed out on this trip, keep your eyes on our upcoming events. We’ll probably go again in the spring. Be sure to contact us if you’re interested in going with the group! And, of course, you can always plan a family day anytime.



One comment on “Houston Zoo

  1. We had a wonderful time at the zoo. We saw many animals including monkeys, elephants, birds, snakes, and some very sleepy big cats. Caytlin’s favorite animal was the Okapi. It is a relative of the girafee. However, its legs have the stripes that are found on a zebra.

    We concentrated on looking at the maps and identifying which country each animal lived in versus where we are located on the map.

    Here is a link to more information about the okapi if you are interested.

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