Fall 2011 – Back to School

You may think that homeschoolers are excluded from the back to school excitement that the end of August brings. With the many options that homeschoolers have with regard to scheduling, some homeschoolers follow the traditional school calendar, others have school all year round. But even with these options, homeschoolers are not immune to the excitement of ‘back to school’ season.

Triangle Homeschoolers starts off the beginning of each new school year with our ‘Not Back to School Brunch Bash’ at Roger’s Park. Today was our second such annual event, and with 10 moms and 17 kids turning out to celebrate, you could definitely say that parents and students alike are glad that school’s back in session.

As a group, we operate on a more traditional schedule. Though some of our families school year-round, it works out better for the group to be ‘in session’ September through May and take the summer months off. So, much like other students, ours are excited to get back into the routine of seeing their old friends and making new ones through our group’s events and activities. We parents are happy to have each other as well, both online and in person!

Like many groups, we evaluate the previous year’s success and make changes that we feel will strengthen the group overall for the coming year. This year, we’re planning for Tuesday to be ‘Field Trip Day’ each week. Rather than have things scheduled on different days each week, we thought it might be easier if every week had a similar schedule. Having an event on Tuesday allows you to plan your calendar months in advance if you choose without worrying about missing out on something fun.

After some discussion, we’ve decided not to renew our co-op.  Our age ranges are too spread out, and our materials and homeschooling styles are too varied to make co-op successful. Instead, we’ll incorporate a stand-alone academic element to our Tuesday events, usually science or history related, so that we are continuing to respect the diversity in homeschooling of our group’s members.

With all of our changes, we are really excited about getting this year started! If you’re new to homeschooling, or to the area, we’d love to meet you. If you’re interested in meeting up with us, email Heather at wearyourbaby@yahoo.com to get the details of our next event.



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