The JASON Project

The JASON Project was founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard, the oceanographer and explorer who discovered the shipwreck of RMS Titanic. Within months, he received thousands of letters from middle school students asking to join his next expedition. Dr. Ballard knew his discovery had tapped a wellspring of curiosity and excitement about science and was determined to feed it.

The result was The JASON Project, named for the mythological Greek explorer. Since then, JASON has connected more than 10 million students and teachers with real scientific exploration and discovery.

Current Operations

JASON offers three award-winning middle school science curricula, Operation: Infinite Potential, Operation: Resilient Planet, and Operation: Monster Storms.Q: Does JASON offer home-schooling opportunities?
A: Yes. Many home-schooled students participate in JASON in a variety of ways. Teacher Editions and Student Books can be purchased individually through our online store. Home-schooled students can also participate in all online message boards and interactive events through the JASON Mission Center. Additionally, the JASON Mission Center Web site includes numerous extensions and message boards for home-school educators to share tips and tricks. Home-school students can also apply to be Student Argonauts.

Get Started

In our local area, the JASON Alliance of Southeast Texas is the community group that presents the JASON Project to teachers and students.  Their organization offers training to teachers and anyone else interested in presenting the JASON project to students.  Their intent is to reach Fourth thru Eighth grade teachers and encourage them to use the hands-on Science in the JASON Project.  They do teacher training during the month of October each year.  Once the teachers have been trained they are invited to bring their students to a presentation at the John Gray Center on the campus of Lamar University. This opportunity is also open to homeschooling educators.

Our group was able to attend the JASON presentation at the John Gray Center. We had eight students attend this program and all report an amazing and fun experience. The kids got to work with Texas Parks & Wildlife doing habitat Restorations, learn about erosion from the Texas AgriLife Extension Office, learn about tectonic plates with ShangriLa Botanical Gardens, learn about flooding with the National Weather Service and about pollution from the Land Management Office. This is definitely a program that we’re looking forward to attending again next year!

If you’re interested in finding out more about JASON training as a teacher, please contact our local affiliate,  D’Ann Douglas, Director of JASON Alliance of Southeast Texas P. O. Box 10031, Beaumont, Texas 77710.  409 866-8902 or   409 656-9070. Be sure to check out the JASON Alliance of Southeast Texas’ Facebook page!

Some pictures from the presentation:



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