Wall of Peace

Talking to children about concepts like war and peace is always challenging. In groups like ours, we have a wide variety of political and religious views that color our perception and viewpoint. However, one thing we can agree on is that the men and women who made sacrifices for the ideals of our country deserve our respect.

In commemoration of Veteran’s Day this year, Triangle Homeschoolers asked the students to write a brief paragraph about Veteran’s Day. Here are some of their submissions:

What Veteran’s Day Means to Me:

LittleBoyBlue, age 8

Veteran’s Day is a day to honor the people who fought for our country. I feel kindof worried and kindof grateful to our veterans. Veterans fought for our freedom, and that makes me feel grateful. I am worried for them because they might die.

Puddles, age 8

Veterans help fight for us and for peace. They fight people who don’t like America and people who want to hurt other people. When I think about veterans, I feel safe and protected. It makes me feel happy that we have people who are veterans.

PeaGreen, age 7

A veteran is someone who fought in a war or served in the military. It makes me feel sad to know that a lot of soldiers died in just one war. I am very grateful for their sacrifice.


If you’d like to add your child’s thoughts to our Wall, please send them to wearyourbaby@yahoo.com.



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