Texas Energy Museum Field Trip

On Friday, Triangle Homeschoolers took a trip through history, geology, science and space as we toured the Texas Energy Museum. The kids participated in several question and answer segments with our tour guide about how fossils and crude oil are made, and listened attentively as he explained some of the ways that oil deposits are formed and located.

The kids also got to listen to Patillo Higgins talk about his ideas – ideas that were not very popular at the time – about how oil was the future through one of the most interesting features of the museum, their holographically animated robots. Unfortunately, Mr. Higgins was the only working robot, so we only got half of the story about the Lucas Gusher, but it was still a great way for history to come alive!

The last but not least stop on our trip was a walk through the ‘View From Space‘ exhibit on loan from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The kids got to explore what our earth looks like from space via hands-on projects dealing with satellite views. We spent the majority of our trip walking through and helping the children examine each of the 11 stations that were available. They got to see satellite photos and identify the Grand Canyon from space, spin cubes to see how city growth, deforestation and the hole in the ozone layer have progressed over the years, track hurricanes and more.

If you’d like to join us on our next adventure, check out our FAQ’s and see if Triangle Homeschoolers might be a good fit for your family!



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