First Field Trip 2010-2011

Welcome to a brand new school year at Triangle Homeschoolers!

We hope that you’ve gotten off to a wonderful start (or are continuing your school year in fine fashion if you’re schooling year round) this year. We’re really looking forward to the events we have planned and getting to know our new families.

We just updated the group calendar; our goal is to have about one planned event per week, and of course we encourage our group’s members to get together more often if time permits. We’re actively seeking new members and considering some new ideas and plans for the group this year. If you can make it out to PARK DAY next Friday (Sept. 3), please come with your ideas and thoughts on how to build a better group.

If you want to be updated on our current happenings, please be sure to SUBSCRIBE by entering your email in the box over in the right hand sidebar. We’ll be adding re-caps of field trips in posts here, so if you’re a homeschool blogger or interested in writing one, please let us know!

To kick the new school year off right, we took a day tip out to Houston

and visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Since Tuesdays after

2PM are free admission to the main galleries, we planned on this being  a

very affordable trip and it was. We also got to get a sneak peek at a new

IMAX 3D film for free – it was a wonderful day!

Don’t miss out on the next one. Join Triangle Homeschooler’s Yahoo Group today and come out next week for Park Dayat 11AM, Perlstein Park in Beaumont.



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