Learning Styles

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic – these words represent the three most common ways that people learn. Most children will have a primary path to learning and knowing which one it is can go a long way towards making planning fo your child’s curriculum easier. So how do you figure out what your child’s learning style is? Some children will have an obvious preference, others may be a little more challenging to place.

Some parents feel that choosing your child’s curriculum based on their learning style is a good option. Doing so definitely has it’s advantages; you’re not fighting nature to get your child to learn something new. Other parents have found it difficult to find real material based on learning styles, but still find that knowing how their child learns best allows them to make adaptations to the curriculum to accommodate the child as an individual.

Homeschool Views has a quiz that you can take that gives you a pie-chart representation of your child’s learning style.

There is also the theory of multiple intelligences that can be especially helpful for people with attention deficit disorder or learning disabilities.

Learning Styles Online also has an inventory that you ca take that will generate a visual representation of learning styles that can help guide you in choosing curriculum. This site also has a section for teachers or instructors that homeschooling parents may find useful.

Though this isn’t a complete book, you can get a pretty good look at Ronald and Serbrina Sims’  book, The Importance of Learning Styles: Understanding the Implications for Learning, Course Design and Education. It’s a bit of a technical read, but good if you’re a researcher at heart.

We hope that these links give you some valuable insights into your child’s learning style! We feel that the more a parent knows about how children learn, the more effective your homeschooling efforts will be. We’d love to hear from those of you who use tools like this to enhance your teaching, and recommendations for other tools that you find helpful.


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