Postcards Exchange

Have you head about Postcrossing?

Postcrossing is an international postcard exchange site that allows you (and your children if you sign them up) postcards from around the world. It’s a really interesting way to help your child work on such things as:

  • geography – by mapping the places that you send postcards to and receive postcards from
  • math – by figuring up how far your postcards travel and how long it takes your postcards to get to their destination, as well as figuring up postage
  • penmanship – by writing their own cards, addressing and sending them, plus the possibility of finding a pen-pal for longer letters.
  • critical thinking – postcards are small – getting their thoughts into organized form and written aids in communication, plus mailing things internationally is not as easy as mailing domestically
  • foreign language – thought not a full language course, exposure breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds interest, interest breeds a desire to learn
  • socialization – the broader your child’s acquaintances, the better off he’ll be

It’s free to join, and once you send out a card, you’ll get one back. It costs about $1 per card to send one internationally. We’ve sent our 5 so far and all of them have been received. Now we’re eagerly awaiting cards from parts unknown. Give it a try!




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