Summer Movie Fun!

Some of you may remember from recent summers that several of the local movie theaters offer a summer kids movie deal of sorts. The details vary, but if you’re looking for inexpensive family fun, then you might see what some of the theaters are offering this year:

Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse

(Tinseltown theater -Beaumont TX)

(We called Hollywood Theater – Star 12 and they don’t offer a summer kids movie program anymore. We’re waiting to hear back from them though. we’ll update this is we can persuade them to implement it again!)

Carmike Cinemas

UPDATE JUNE 9, 2010: Pines Theater – Silsbee, TX is NOT participating! Sorry for the confusion – we drove out to Silsbee this past Tuesday and they were shut up tight. So, even though the Carmike website lists Silsbee as a participant, they are NOT offering the Summer Movie Club deal.

Dickenson Theaters

(Port Arthur, TX – @ Central Mall)


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